Monday, November 28, 2011

Add Some Pizazz to Your Room

Your room is the place where you can relax and express yourself. Here are some ideas to make it your own!

The Timeline Mirror

This is one of my favorites - the timeline mirror. Turn your drab, dull and boring mirror into something that is unique and fun. Print pictures of yourself like family trips, parties, things you like to do, and favorite quotes, the possibilities are endless, just make it YOU. A good idea is to choose pics that spread over the time of you life. Like from when you were born until now. Tape the photos to your mirror, you can change it anytime!

A Cork Board

Pin all your good memories, photos, medal, certificates,and anything else you would like to add on your own personal cork board. I have some cute birthday/christmas cards that I have gotten and pinned up there. I also have notes to remind myself of things, tickets to concerts and baseball games, and handmade drawings. You can add anything you want. Boards come in all different size - price ranges from $5-20, depending on the size.

Wall Letters

Personalize your wall. Buy these cute letter boards to hang on your wall. You can spell out anything, "love", "peace", your name, anything you want. In my case, I put my name. You can purchase these white letters at Michael's Craft Store for around $2. Make them more pizazz-y. Paint them, maybe even spread them throughout your wall more. I added a starfish and some shells above mine because I adore the beach. I use the letters to hang my necklaces and tape handmade drawings to them. 

Paper People

This is my personal favorite. Cut out paper people, tape them together and string them around your room. To make it even more unique, have friends and family take one and draw a picture of themselves and sign it, then you will always remember whose there for you!

I hope you enjoyed all these ideas and try them!

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